Office Makeovers

Most people don’t think about calling a real estate professional to talk about how they can make their space look better and be a more efficient and pleasant environment for their employees. In reality, we should be the first call you make. Not only can we help you formulate your ideas (“the vision”), but we can also help you put the team together to get it done and save you money in the process.

Design Fees

We can help reduce the time spent on the learning curve by translating what is needed and expected from the first meeting. Architects need direction based on both the vision, but also taking into consideration the practical matters that affect the budget.

Design Fees Office Kitchen

Less hours spent by the architect will result in less cost for the project. Design professionals are used to being paid for their time. It usually takes several meetings and designs from an architect before you see anything close to what you like.

Modern community lunch room
technology cables


Getting your IT needs figured out and identified early-on is a must. We often see tenants pay for change orders because they didn’t plan out their technology, security, and AV properly.
Technology includes data, phones, security, and audio

video needs. Technology affects the tenant improvement costs and vise-versa. Planning ahead saves big dollars in the end.

technology server room
Furniture Open Cubes Office


There are many levels of quality and style of furniture and furniture systems (cubicles).
Talking to more than one dealer is a good idea, however, if you are talking to 2 dealers that only sell the high quality / high priced product,

you may make a misinformed decision. You don’t have to pay for the “Cadillac” of cubicles. There are several furniture lines that can give you equal quality at up to 50% of the cost. Even if you end up wanting to pay for the best quality product, we can save you money by competitively pricing the knock-off. Furniture that allows for sitting or standing is becoming more cost effective than it used to be. Something to consider in the planning and budgeting process.

Furniture Colors Corp Office


If you can’t avoid change orders…. manage them. Contractors love to underbid jobs and charge for every little change. Change is going to happen, but we can help you minimize it and avoid being over-charged. Landlord builds vs. allowance?


We can help you decide which approach is best for you. We can help you understand what management fees you are obligated to pay your landlord and what you get for that. Lastly, We can help determine if there is any value in your lease that can be converted to a contribution from the landlord.

Tenant Improvement Allowance

Not only can we help you create the vision, build and manage the right team, budget and manage the process, we can also help you use the value of your rent stream to obtain a tenant improvement contribution from your landlord to pay for all or a part of the makeover expense.

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